Dear friends of Epsilon:

In August we have:

  • helped more than 10,000 children
  • received donations for 11,400 € in cash and 3,000 € in kind

invested in:

  • Togo, in Afagnan, school facilities and medical care to orphans due to AIDS. At the moment we are helping some 75 kids aged 6-15. The project contemplates purchase of school goods (notebooks, pens, pencils, books, school material, etc), 3,350 € (Sponsor Fondazione Mediolanum and Ms Iva Cattapan) – This project is done in collaboration with Associazione Waves Onlus.
  • We visited the district of Wangal, in India, and we donated iron beds to the orphan girls in Veleru.


Donate 5X1000 indicating CF 97411570159 in your tax return
Our Bank Account IBAN has changed. The new one is: IT68Z0311101665000000023993 – UBI, MI

Thanks, as always, for your confidence and support to Epsilon

Warm regards,

Claudio Stabon
founded in 2004
100% of donations become projects for children in the world

How to help Epsilon:

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IT68Z0311101665000000023993 – UBI, MI – BIC BLOPIT22
C/C Postale 99466310
donate 5X1000 indicating CF 97411570159

Epsilon in figures

since 2004:
2,250,000 euros donated, of which 25% in kind
125 projects done
400,000 children helped

= 13,602 € balance at end of 2016
+ 38,792 € donations
–  40,965 € projects (0% new, 100% following up)
= 11,429 € balance at end of month

+ 19,000 € contributions in kind

Our projects in 2017


  • Madagascar, maintenance of the nutritional programme (a bread roll a day per kid) 5,000 €
  • Rwanda, maintenance of the  nutritional centre in Rutongo, 5,000 €
  • Cameroon, rural clinic in Ashonga village, installation of a solar energy system to generate electricity needed to keep under refrigeration vaccines and other drugs 2,320 €
  • India, Veleru village (Andhra Pradesh), we have built iron bunk beds for kids who were sleeping on the ground in the orphanage, 4,522 €
  • Ethiopia, Nursery school in Mekanissa (in the outskirts of Addis Abeba), literacy programs for 60 children aged 4-6 years old, divided in 3 different classes, 6,500 € (Sponsor The Herrod Foundation)
  • Togo, nutritional programme on the Nursery school in Tchebebé, built by us back in 2009 and supported since, 5,000 € (sponsor gruppo KOS)
  • Togo, purchase of medicine for the Children’s Medical Center in the town Atakpame, where 0-10 year old kids (most of them orphans) are treated, 3,000 €
  • Cameroon, rural clinic in Ashonga village, purchase of a refrigerator needed to keep vaccines and other drugs that need to be under controlled temperature, 913 €


Our projects since 2004

  • Benin, maintenance of the Neonatology Ward, purchase of medicine and powder milk for the Tanguieta Hospital
  • Burkina Faso, construction of a school in the villages Bingo and Pallé, construction of a medical dispensary in Bingo, agricultural projects
  • Cameroon, Batibo, restructuring of the Maternity Ward and purchase of medical appliances
  • Ecuador, purchase of school supplies, uniforms and food for the entire school year for 40 little peasants at Latacunga School
  • Ethiopia, specialist instrumentation within the infantile blindness project and training of doctors
  • India, a meal a day to kindergarden kids and school supplies; medical camps and medicine in villages; education expenses for ragpickers kids in Ranchi
  • Indonesia, project to guarantee appropriate food and medical assistance to children suffering malnutrition
  • Kenya, construction of a nursery school and purchase of educational material
  • Laos, furniture and school supplies
  • Madagascar, nutritional programme for the students in different schools, construction of a professional school, a medical dispensary and a female dorm in the school of Andasibe
  • Myanmar, requalification of the multipurpose centre in Loimwe
  • Niger, construction and maintenance of the nutritional and educational centre in Mabrouka Tanout, construction of a water well, purchase of cows
  • Rwanda, construction and maintenance of the nutritional centre in Rutongo, construction of an aqueduct, construction of a dispensary, purchase of a hematology analyzer, different agricultural projects
  • Togo, construction of the operating theatre and maintenance of the pediatric beds in Afagnan Hospital; construction of a Nursery, Elementary, Middle and High schools, nutritional programme, microcredit, construction of a water well in Solimdé and in Tchebebé; construction of 3 classrooms for the nursery and primary schools in Kazaboua; construction of a water well in Kpele Tutu
  • Other projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Somaliland (Somalia), Ciad, Mozambico, Etiopia, Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic.

Thanks to

  • The team: Anna Micossi, Silvia Falconetti, Teresina Casu, Danilo Bernabeo, Patrizia Binda, Silvia Invrea, Roberta Mascheroni, Paola Parma, Lisette Periche, Sol Rodriguez, Vincenza Costa, Giovanni Bianchi, Andrea Angheleddu, Mario Ferraresi
  • The ambassadors: Franco Toni, Stefano Micossi, Daniela Fait, Magda and Rocco Mangia, Felicia and Beppe Tedone
  • The enterprises: Gruppo KOS, Fondazione Mediolanum, The Herrod Foundation, Syngenta, Aprile, Pellegrini, Selex, Lemanik Asset Management, UBI Banca, Fondazione BNL, Fondazione Chiesi, Pirelli, Riso Gallo, Galvanotecnica Bugatti, Comma 10, Studio Palmer
  • The families: Micossi, Costa, Lualdi, Fraquelli-Meucci, Tedone, Genoan Daddies Group