Epsilon is a not for profit association born in 2004 from a group of friends to help children all around the world, particularly concerning health, food and education.

We operate according to some basic principles:

  • to turn 100% of donations into projects
  • to maximize the number children reached
  • to pursue industrial criteria in project management
  • to follow up the projects in time

Our history

Epsilon was founded by four friends, Claudio Stabon Riccardo Bani, Mario Molinari and Massimo Orlandi wanting to help children around the world in the basics things such as food, health and education.
The Greek letter Epsilon, used in mathematics to denote infinitesimal quantity, was chosen as the name since it signifies our will to carry out small projects, measurable, achievable in less than a year, nonetheless with an impact on a large number of children.
Another founding element has been – and always will be – to have zero general expenses as 100% of our funds go to the projects.

Shortly after Epsilon was born others joined including Piero Micossi, who greatly stimulated the development of our association. He sadly passed away in 2009, leaving his daughter Anna at the lead of the association as General Secretary with our current President, Sergio Finulli.

Founded by a group of friends and friends of friends, Epsilon was soon recognized by different companies and foundations both Italian and foreign for its unique but efficient way of working.

Up till now we have developed 125 projects, raising more than 2,250,000€ in donations which helped 400,000 children around the world.

100% model

Epsilon is based on the very peculiar idea that all the money raised should go in funding the projects as, in small projects like ours, every cent makes the difference for the children we help around the world.

For this reason we call our way the 100% model.

  • 100% of donations goes to projects for children all over the world
  • it’s one of our points of pride
  • it’s the reason why we are so different from many others
  • it’s the reason why many choose us

How do we do it?

It’s simple, with no expenses:

  • when we travel to countries to supervise our projects or to transport supplies, we do it on our own expenses
  • we work free of charge
  • we don’t do any paid advertising
  • website, accounting, auditing, etc. are managed for free

The team


  • Sergio Finulli, President
  • Anna Micossi, Secretary General and board member
  • Luigi Alberto Gaude, Administration and Accounting
  • Mariagiulia Signori, Counselor
  • Alessia Meucci, Counselor
  • Joelle Franzo, Fund Raising
  • Lucia Maggi, Counselor
  • Benedetta di Bari, Fund Rising
  • Davide Ferrario, Ambassador
  • Vincenza Costa, Ambassador
  • Danilo Bernabeo, Graphic & Web Design

Volunteers & Ambassadors

  • Giovanni Bianchi
  • Magda e Rocco Mangia
  • Roberta Mascheroni
  • Paola Parma
  • Sol Rodriguez
  • Felicia e Beppe Tedone
  • Franco Toni

Our projects since 2004

  • Benin, maintenance of the Neonatology Ward, purchase of medicine and powder milk for the Tanguieta Hospital
  • Burkina Faso, construction of a school in the villages Bingo and Pallé, construction of a medical dispensary in Bingo, agricultural projects
  • Cameroon, Batibo, restructuring of the Maternity Ward and purchase of medical appliances
  • Ecuador, purchase of school supplies, uniforms and food for the entire school year for 40 little peasants at Latacunga School
  • Ethiopia, specialist instrumentation within the infantile blindness project and training of doctors
  • India, a meal a day to kindergarden kids and school supplies; medical camps and medicine in villages; education expenses for ragpickers kids in Ranchi
  • Indonesia, project to guarantee appropriate food and medical assistance to children suffering malnutrition
  • Kenya, construction of a nursery school and purchase of educational material
  • Laos, furniture and school supplies
  • Madagascar, nutritional programme for the students in different schools, construction of a professional school, a medical dispensary and a female dorm in the school of Andasibe
  • Myanmar, requalification of the multipurpose centre in Loimwe
  • Niger, construction and maintenance of the nutritional and educational centre in Mabrouka Tanout, construction of a water well, purchase of cows
  • Rwanda, construction and maintenance of the nutritional centre in Rutongo, construction of an aqueduct, construction of a dispensary, purchase of a hematology analyzer, different agricultural projects
  • Togo, construction of the operating theatre and maintenance of the pediatric beds in Afagnan Hospital; construction of a Nursery, Elementary, Middle and High schools, nutritional programme, microcredit, construction of a water well in Solimdé and in Tchebebé; construction of 3 classrooms for the nursery and primary schools in Kazaboua; construction of a water well in Kpele Tutu
  • Other projects in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Somaliland (Somalia), Ciad, Mozambico, Etiopia, Sierra Leone, Dominican Republic.

How to support us

It is possible to support EPSILON both personally and through your company with tailored Corporate Social Responsibility projects.
These projects will provide remarkable benefits to your enterprise in terms of image with your own stakeholders and motivation of your personnel.
You can make your contribution by a bank transfer to:

Associazione Epsilon Onlus
BPER Banca S.p.A.
Sede di via Manzoni, 7 – Milano
IBAN IT07I0538701665000042435504

indicating in the reason for payment the project you want to support.